My main inspiration is the landscape, and the wonder and complexity of life. Through the images of garden and flora I try to touch beauty, the sublime and the natural. I work mainly with oil on canvas. As I work on a piece, layer upon layer of paint is laid down, until I achieve a feeling of being surrounded by life in its disorderly order, passion, sensuality and endless sadness. The paintings are abstract, using imagination as a tool for departure from crude reality, and create the atmosphere of what looking at the garden is to me. My goal is to paint beauty, to bring an uplifting message of admiration and hope to the viewer.

I was born in Israel, where I spent most of my childhood. After compulsory army service I trained as a physician, practiced Pediatrics, and then moved to the Philadelphia area for a fellowship in Medical Genetics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I left the practice of medicine several years ago to pursue a lifelong dream of painting. I have been studying with Philadelphia artists, the late Elizabeth Meyer, and currently with Moe Brooker. I see my experience as a physician and medical geneticist reflected in my paintings, as in both, I am exploring the human condition, and stand in awe when studying the structure, dynamics and forces of life.